Art for Research

You can buy Art for Research Christmas Cards HERE.

Since 2004 Fiona has worked with Breakthrough Cancer Research designing a range of charity Christmas cards.

This ‘Art for Research’ provides funding for ground-breaking research to develop new treatments for cancer. With 100% of proceeds going to the charity, the Christmas cards have raised over €250,000 to date. Learn more about the wonderful work undertaken by Breakthrough Cancer Research here

Watch Orla Dolan, CEO of Breakthrough Cancer Research talk about the amazing work undertaken by the charity and the contribution that Fiona makes to cancer research. 

"What is special is these Christmas Cards make Christmases. They make the Christmases that haven't happened yet. The ones that we will save, the ones that we will create through the research that they are funding. That is what makes them special."
Orla Dolan
CEO Breakthrough Cancer Research