Irish Crafts available in store at Gallery Crafts.

This page on my website showcases the wonderful and unique creations of some of irelands most talented craftspeople.At gallery crafts i have an everchanging collection of " one off "pieces and because of this it would be impossible to have them on our online store .Below i selected some of the pieces and to enjoy them you are welcome to call to the shop so that you can see them for yourself                                                     

included are the work off ...Breda McNelis...thomas wollen...tom Callen ...Edyta Szymanska...Paddy McCormac...and many more 

At our store we always have many collections of jewellery , fashion accessories ,home products including mirrors ,clocks,lamps etc is truely an ecletic mix to suit many styles and tastes.....below is just a touch.......we look forward to seeing you and will be delighted to introduce you to the wonderful creations ..Made in Ireland 




Breda McNelis...Textile Artist.................Inspired by the colours and textures in the world around her, Breda's McNelis' collection presents unique pieces of Textile Art that reflect her inspiration.  Breda loves to work with natural fabrics and yarns including silk, delicate chiffons, organizas & luxurious silk velvets, each is hand painted and combined to achieve the required colour palate.  Each creation involves many processes including needle felting and embroidery.  Bredas work is framed and presented beautifully and her "Dress to remember"piece (shown below) would make a wonderful gift for a bride ...from her mother or husband ,these can be comissioned and personalised .





Thomas Wollen works from his studio in Tipperary he works in ceramics and is a leading Raku potter ,this techinally difficult process makes each piece truely unique .Thomas is inspired by many cultures and much of his work has an Ethnic feel .His" Heron 'birds wether reaching up or bending to feed are just some off the images he paints on the ceramic wall pieces.....his shapes onclude what he calls Cubiods ...these are long cubes onto which he has painted and carved and can be hung on the wall.other pieces include fish and large decorated bowls that can be wall mounted making spectacular statment in any home.


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